5 Biggest Stereotypes Of Lesbians


There are many different assumptions when it comes to lesbians and their relationships that society with their movies, shows, and theater that have depicted them in such a way. Obviously, there are similar characteristics that lesbians share, but that doesn’t mean that they all fall into that category.

I know it will be shocking to find out the things below aren’t entirely accurate for every lesbian you meet, but each has their own preferences and standards regardless which genitalia they prefer.

1. Love Threesomes:

I mean who doesn’t love a good threesome?
As kinky as arousing threesomes are in general, lesbians aren’t open to the idea more than any other couple whether they want to spice up their love life or just experiment. There is usually one partner that is hesitant on pursuing this and just because two women are sexually compatible it doesn’t mean that they are continuously trying to recruit a man to come back with them.

Although it is usually every straight man’s dirty little dream to be with two women at once, it doesn’t necessarily fit in with lesbians idea of a wild night.

2. Pry On Straight Women:

Just because a woman is lesbian doesn’t mean that she is checking out every single woman that passes her or is trying to hit on straight women simply for the challenge. Obviously, lesbians can gain feelings for straight women if they are attracted or get to know them but that doesn’t mean that lesbians have a specific quota set every month trying to recruit straight women.

It’s obviously flattering if a straight women feels the connections with another woman strong enough to experiment and go for the other team but doesn’t mean that it’s their only goal in life.

3. Promiscuous:

This goes back to personal preference, and even though it is two women together and will most likely move at a different pace than a straight couple, it doesn’t mean that they are willing to sleep around more. Depending on their personal outlook on hooking up and getting around this all stems down to someone’s morals, standards and values within their own dating realm rather than what type of gender they want to wake up next to.

4. Great At Sports:

This is probably one of the biggest stereotypes due to many women who happen to be lesbian participating in various sports that create and define the “masculine” or “built” criteria and stereotypes of their bodies.
Not all lesbian participate in a variety of sporting events, just like not all women basketball and softball players are lesbian just because they enjoy the sport.

5. Own Cats:

I mean women do like to buy and adopt cats on the daily but just because they technically like pussy doesn’t technically mean that they are out buying cats for the fun of it. There is no correlation to lesbians and buying cats yet this seems to be a reliable assumption that came out of nowhere with no justification.