5 Of The Sexiest Selfie’s To Take

Everyone can take a decent selfie but if you want to spice it up a little more, take it to the next level and have some sort of point for taking it. Whether you want to show off your hot body or new eyelash extensions, make sure you’re making this selfie’s as sexy as possible, especially because you’re most likely posting them on every social media platform on your phone.

1. Gym Time:

These can get a little tricky, so you have to be creative because you do want to show off your body and all the hard work you’re putting into it, but you also want to to get up close and personal by showing the light sweat you’ve worked up.

You can take it in the bathroom mirror or even in the weight room making sure you’re booty popping and showing all of the gains you’re making. If you want to be up close and personal, you can take it with your headphones in or headphones while flashing your pearly whites while you’re glowing with radiating sweat in your eyebrows.

2. Shower Time:

This one is the most riskay because the second you post this one all of your followers will instantly picture you naked. Nothing wrong with that, especially if that was your original intention of posting one but make sure you’re covering all of the goodies, so it doesn’t go viral. Whether you just took your hair down after a long day and you now have “sex hair” or you the steam from the shower running makes your makeup shimmer, take all the selfies you can.

We all know that some of the best pictures taken are with bathroom lighting and when you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re naked.

3. “Studying”:

All of the school girls with their cute glasses and pencils in their mouth know exactly what they’re doing when taking selfies. It’s a right of passage to take “ I hate school” pictures while looking all dolled up and too sexy to be studying on a Thursday night.

We all know that you’ve actually given up on school for the rest of the week, but you still insist that you’re going over your notes while chewing on your favorite pen.

4. Beach Babe:

It’s all about bikinis and high angles that show off two of the best assets, breast 1 and breast 2. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the biggest boobs because selfie angles can do wonders, especially with the right lighting and slapping on a filter.

Also taking one while you’re laying out whether it be from the front or behind with your face slightly in it, we all know you’re trying to show off your sandy cheeks, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

5. Club Night:

It’s girls night out, and you’re feeling sexy with your highlight, contour, and bodycon dress, so it’s mandatory to snap a few selfies. Make sure you’re taking pictures when you’re looking at your best so you can refer to them whenever you’re sick or have totally given up on personal hygiene after a breakup.

There’s nothing wrong with a picture album on your phone filled with selfie’s; it’s not narcissistic you’ve just come to the realization there is nothing wrong with being a hot ass bitch.

Want to learn more about perfect selfies? Then check out the video below!